Weedle Beauty Offers a Wide Variety of Nail Treatments

Weedle Beauty offers a selection of nail treatments, for hands and feet, helping beautify and strengthen nails through sculpture and treatment. We have a large selection of gels with a great choice of nail treatments including file & polish, manicures, gel polish, nail extensions and our signature deluxe pedicure to name a few.

Makeup Treatments by Jasmine at Weedle Beauty Salon
Jasmine Makeup Artist at Weedle Beauty Salon

Nail Treatments at Weedle Beauty Salon by Maria

Weedle Beauty offers luxurious nail treatments for an experience of unparalleled pampering.

Our skilled technician, Maria, expertly shapes and polishes your nails during manicures, ensuring a flawless finish. Opt for long-lasting elegance with our gel manicures or add length with acrylic nail extensions. Choose from a wide range of high-quality polishes to express your unique style. Step into our sanctuary and let us elevate your nail care routine to a new level of sophistication and indulgence.


Weedle Beauty Offers a Wide Selection of Gel Polish

BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) is a nail enhancement product that combines the strength of builder gel with the convenience of a bottle application, ideal for creating durable and natural-looking nail extensions.

We offer a wide selection of Gel polish colours with the finish guaranteed to last at least 2 weeks.  We also offer BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) which is a revolutionary new gel and is now one of the most popular nail treatments in the industry. This is a strong gel which is much kinder to your hands.

Weedle Beauty Nail Gallery

Nail Treatments at Weedle Beauty Salon
Nail Treatments at Weedle Beauty Salon
Makeup Treatments by Jasmine at Weedle Beauty Salon


Weedle Beauty Offers the Perfect French Manicure

From classic chic to modern twists, explore endless variations of the iconic French Manicure. Whether you prefer traditional tips, glitter accents, or colourful interpretations our nail technicians are on hand to make your design come to life!

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Deluxe Pedicure Feet Treatments

Exfoliation and Relaxation with our Deluxe Pedicure

For the ultimate salon experience why not try our Deluxe Pedicure? This pedicure is designed to revitalise through our specialy formulated foot soak allowing for foot and leg exfoliation. Nails are filed and shaped then a relaxing foot and leg massage then finished with a chosen nail polish.

The foot soak and exfoliation will leave your skin soft and energized while the relaxing foot massage will give you a fresh lift. Your feet will look great in the summer on that beach!